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Hockey Pool Keeper League


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Hey, we have a hockey pool keeper league.

26 man roster, with 20 roster spots nightly (4C/LW/RW, 6D, 2G)

6 Man farm team

up to 12 player rookie team.

Lots of fun, not too much money (but worth winning).

We have 4 teams available for take over right now and 4 or 5 next year.

Post your email address if your interested and Ill email the teams rosters to you.

This year is technically free, pay half now for next season and half next year. (All your monies go into NEXT years pot).

That gives you the rest of the season to re tool your team to win next year!

Come on Arm chairs, step up and do it for real

Example of available team:

Nabokov, P.Kane, Marleau, Getzlaf, M.Richards, Penner etc. etc

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