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Finding old videos

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I've recently spent some time scouring the internet for a couple videos, but I haven't had any luck in finding them. If anyone knows where I could find them I would greatly appreciate the information!

The first one is an old sportsnet commercial, and I'm pretty sure it's from Raycroft's last year in Toronto (2007-08 season). I've found a pretty detailed description of the commercial, but I'd really like to have the video.

"Darren Millard: And now Nick Kypreos with some breaking news.

Nick Kypreos: Yeah, Darren. I've just received word that Andrew Raycroft likes apples.

(At that moment, Raycroft is about to take a bite out of an apple in his right hand).



The second video is just the highlights from a game between the Flyers and the Leafs on April 8, 2006, or more specifically, the Gauthier hit on Wellwood that took place during that game.

"Gauthier's hit from behind on Toronto's Kyle Wellwood near the end of the regular season was a blatant cheap shot and it earned him a two-game suspension."


These might seem like pretty random videos for me to be searching so hard for, but I have my reasons, and I've been wanting them for a couple years now... So thanks to anyone who can help, or even anyone who tries to help :)

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