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Guest CanuckTalkRadio88.9

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Guest CanuckTalkRadio88.9

On April 6th of 2010, Dickson and Mike had their 2nd recorded show. In this broadcast, Dickson and Mike talk about the last games of the week before April 6th. They have you fully covered on those games that happened the week before April 6th. Next, the have the "Canuck News". This is where they cover you on any Canuck news that happened the week before the 6th . Next, they moved on to the "NHL News". They also talked about some NHL injures that occurred the week before the 30th. Plus, they mentioned about who the 1st round pick will be? Hall or Seguin? Lately, they had their pick in their "Player of the week".

We had a CDC guest on the show, Super19. Unfortunately, Nazzy_Luongo_19 could not make it to our booth. We will try on get him to our booth in a next couple of weeks.

CONTEST : April 11th to 25th. Invite all your fans to become a fan of our fanpage on Facebook. By doing that, you have a automatic chance to win a puck signed by a Canucks Player.

Next week, we will have our first playoff edition show. Also, starting next week we will be posting our shows the day will do them (Tuesday) because we have new system so we won't get any delays.

Here's the April 6 broadcast:



In case you missed our first recorded show:




In case you missed Dickson 1040 Junior Broadcaster



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