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Mason Raymond...how much to re-sign?


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mason raymond is an absolute joke. i wouldnt resign this guy for a bag of pucks. Ive supported him through thick and thin but his stupid spin move in the corner and lack of production has made up my mind. i understand hes coming off a serious and career threatening injury but hes had the opportunity to play with every player on the roster. no excuses, cyah raymond!!

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I too was perplexed by the first few pages of this thread until I checked the date! :lol:

Amazing how the tables can turn in hockey in a few short years.

Raymond has had his chances. He even got to be promoted to AV's pet boy group and was played even more minutes than he deserved. Now he's a drain on whatever line he plays on. I don't understand how someone with the wheels he has and the subsequent leg muscle that requires, could be so unsteady on his legs when it comes to fighting for the puck or even simply changing directions. Its baffling.

I don't wish him ill, I think he may just carve out an NHL career for himself on another team. The kid needs a fresh start.

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I see Raymond as a possible vital part of this team if he puts on 5-10lbs of muscle. His speed and defensive qualities are a given but he needs to find a way to be more able to look after the puck in a physical challenge.

I don't get too bothered about him falling. Nearly every team I've watched has players who fall. As I've said before it is what you accomplish when you are upright that counts. Lets face it Booth did no more than Raymond in the playoffs with more minutes on the ice. Booth also earns almost $2M more.

I think that unless Raymond agrees to a cut he should consider leaving. I think $2.6M is too much by $1M for his point production at present.

He could get more AFTER his production and muscle power increases.

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