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**Unofficial Golf Thread**

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My low this season is 83 and it dropped my index from a 16 to a 13, and I've had trouble playing to my index now. Funny thing today, I'm a lefty and for fun I like playing right handed. I can hit a 7 iron about 100 righty, and 165 consistently left handed. I took my buddies sand wedge and was just playing around the greens, and chipped in on my second attempt ever right handed from about 20 feet :P

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I got a new driver on boxing day. Taylormade R9 for 50% off at Golftown. I cant wait until the snow leaves Kamloops so I can start to play again. My dad called and said he went out and played 9 a couple days ago and I hung up on him :P

So I played 6 holes today, Drove it solidly with my old R7, but will be getting a supertri pretty soon. I can't wait! Iron-wise though, my game is gone =(

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Yani Tseng, 3 tournament wins in 3 weeks, legitimizing her number 1 status. Clutched up and shot a 66 to win by 6 strokes in the final round too!

Of course, it isn't a real golf thread without more John Daly mentions:

John Daly

PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. -- John Daly is going multimedia. He now has a TV built into his golf bag.Daly has signed up with ProBagAds.com, a new company that installs flat-screen monitors on a golf bag to display advertisements, much like an electronic billboard.

The screen rotates with Daly's various sponsors.

He says it only weighs about three pounds, so it's not a big strain on his caddie. And while it looks like a TV, Daly says he's trying to make it work like one. He says he will be able to program it through his mobile phone, and he hopes to get his home television programming on there. Daly says when he plays golf overseas, he wants to have something to watch on TV -- especially during football season.

Kyeong Bae first used the built-in monitor last year on the LPGA Tour.

I want a TV On my golf bag!!!

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Got my driver! SOOO NICE!

Mike Weir loses his tour card after shooting an 77-85 at the Honda, which is too bad, but time for Graeme Dalaet (When he's healthy) to become the next great Canadian golfer.

Martin Kaymer's number 1!!! Soo awesome, Machine> man :P

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