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Take Part in the Electric Light Orchestra Musical Survey (in Brown Noise)

Guest Voucer

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Guest Voucer

/topic/280232-the-electric-light-orchestra-musical-survey-round-one/">Click this link to be redirected to the tournament thread.

Our tournament thread is pinned. The tournament itself will last from July 5 to August 1.

I've been contemplating for quite some time the idea of having a large "tournament of songs" to determine what the Electric Light Orchestra's five greatest songs (as voted by CDC) are. Though you may be familiar with the tracks they released on their critically acclaimed Out of the Blue album, the immense diversity of sounds Jeff Lynne and his band created with their music are mostly unknown to the general public. Lynne spent countless nights in the studio brainstorming new innovations that would change the face of music production as we know it.

He may as well have been the fifth Beatle, as he spent years working with each of the band's members, becoming one of George Harrison's closest friends in the process, and cementing his status as one of the world's greatest, albeit most underrated, songwriters/producers in modern music history. He and the band are vastly overlooked (people often associate the name with 5 or 6 songs), and before we begin our tournament, which will consist of four songs posted every day (song vs song format), I'd like to know who would be willing to participate. The library of music is large, and the range of different sounds will keep things fresh the entire way. To clarify, two matchups will be posted each day.

I would kindly ask that you listen to the tracks in their entirety before casting your vote. I also intend to use this as a form of exposure for the band's brilliant library. If you are unaware of the band, or have limited knowledge about the band's music, I certainly encourage you to participate.

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