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I apologize if this has been posted about before, but a search for "canucks tv" yielded mostly trade-rumor threads.

I'm trying to cut back on some of my TV channels because I pay WAY too much for what I actually make use of. I've had NHL Center Ice for the past two years purely so I don't miss any Canucks games. It's great, but I don't care about any games that don't involve the Canucks (catching the odd Hawks/Habs/Flames game on CBC or TSN is good enough for me).

I noticed under Bell's premium channels they have flames / oilers / and Canucks channels. Are these new this year? I've never noticed them before. I would assume that this is the same "Canucks TV" that Center Ice gets the feed from for the PPV-Only games. Does anyone subscribe to this channel? Does it Air all of the games or is it more just for interviews & that type of coverage? If they DO air the games, do they get blacked out for out-of-region viewers like Sportsnet does?

I would love to be able to dump the expensive Center Ice package if I could still watch MOST of the Canucks games. Even if it doesn't include the PPV games.

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