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2 arrested in US at 'Shop With a Cop' day

Wed Aug 25, 10:09 PM

By The Associated Press

PORTLAND, Ore. - Two men arrested in Oregon for shoplifting during a "Shop With a Cop" event for school children initially thought it was a bad time for stealing — with more than 60 uniformed officers on scene.

But Portland Sgt. Pete Simpson says the two gave it some more thought and decided police would be distracted so it would be a good time to steal.

They were wrong.

Store security officers at the Fred Meyer store weren't caught off guard Wednesday. Simpson says security watched the two young men packing their own backpacks with blenders, shoes, clothes and tools while officers helped children pick out supplies for the school year.

The Oregonian says the two were then arrested.

Reminds me of the time when I worked in Victoria at 7-11. I was working at the back while a marked patrol car of the Victoria Police Department was outside. An officer was getting a bottle of juice to drink. Some dimwit came in and dropped a bag of marijuana in front of my coworker not seeing the officer or the car. This goof asks my coworker in a loud voice if he wants to buy the bag of marijuana for $20. Naturally the officer perks his ears at this and walks up to the guy taps him on the shoulder and informs him he is under arrest for possession of marijuana with intent to sell. Hilarious stuff. Shows that anyone who is a criminal was hiding when they passed out brains.

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