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Canucks goal song update


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I just received a message from DJ Dave concerning the Canucks goal song. I messaged him requesting an update about the widely suggested song "Electric Worry" by Clutch. Here is the message he sent back:

Hi there.

I'm just back from holidays and a long summer. Yes, I did just see this track and listened to it. it's rather interesting. I think I'm going to cut an edit and try it out in the pre-season and see how it works. you can never tell until you hear it in the bowl.

I appreciate your sending this message. We'll give it a shot. for now, still Green Day for the goal song....

I would love this as a goal song and now it sounds like it could be a distinct possibility. Here is the song for those of you who haven't heard it:


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Your not the only one. Not to mention I'm the one who proposed that song hahaha :lol:

If that becomes the goal song everyone shall bow down to me because I was the original proposal-er :P

He sent me a better one :) But I'm not going to post it just in case DJ Dave doesn't want people to see the messages.


"Electric Worry" By Clutch

Here's a video I made to give an idea (Sorry about it being loud)

The reason I chose it is because of the "Bang Bang Bang Bang" part. Imagine the crowd screaming that after a goal!!! Would be phenomenal and great for the atmosphere!

Everyone who thinks this is great! Send a message do DJ Dave so he understand more then 1 person wants it.

I already sent mine, so send yours!

DJ Dave ---> /user/841-dj-dave/">http://forum.canucks.com/user/841-dj-dave/

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Oh Vancouver and Clutch suck. Find something that the Canucks would like not fans cause it's them scoring and it's not like we won't cheer if they don't play the song "we" want...

Gary Glitter, U2, Coldplay, Nickelback, Eminem would probably be choices. It's mostly up to the players on what's played.

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