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Canucks goal song update


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DJ Dave, I was wondering if you could do something during Canucks games, preferably moreso in the playoffs - to get in the other teams head, whenever they take a penalty and are skating to the box, play the joker saying "Why so serious". Just something I've thought about before, actually made a thread about it a while ago.....it would get the player and team frustrated on the inside even though they may not show it, and it would definately get our fans going.



yeah, mainly for playoffs.....

check back in the spring.


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I think it would be awesome if DJ Dave used the refrain from

(1:05 to the end) as the goal song. It's not really up-tempo for a goal song, but it's such a powerful melody that's pretty easy to get thousands of people singing along to.

I also think that Princes of the Universe by Queen would be the perfect opening song. Boastful, melodic, get under the other players'/fans' skin.

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I liked the new goal song last season, its pretty good. It just doesn't seem quite perfect. My choice would be BTO - Taking care of business. Perhaps not all that original, but an updated cover version mixed in with the original might work.

'm not suggesting this version in particular (the audio quality is terrible), but the video was somewhat entertaining. :towel:

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