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[OFFICIAL] Playoff Indicator Chart 2011


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Tuesday, January 4th, 2011:

Magic Number Chart has been updated!

EDM and PHX with the lone losses!

Is it possible to pin this topic? Its getting annoying searching for my post every single day and I've been updating it every day.

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Wednesday, January 5th, 2011:

Magic Number Chart is updated! I apologize for the late post! I attended the hockey game! 6-1-1 at Rogers Arena all time! (6 game winning streak).

CHI, ANA, and CGY with 2 Point losses! Other teams dropped by 1!

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i think its to early to be predicting how a team will finish, trades play a big role in how well a team does and teams today will be different down the road. Even our team has a few trades in its future, when salo returns, trade deadline, etc. Injurys change how a team plays aswell.

It is fun to see the lames chances looking so dismal though =)

It's not a prediction, it's a set number.

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It just means that if we need 47 more wins (or every single game) in order to guarantee more points than Detroit.

The magic number system has been posted for years now, it's not very hard to understand. However, I feel it's a bit early to show it since we're nowhere near reducing any of the magic numbers to zero (not even Edmonton).

It's a combination of 47 Vancouver wins and 47 Detroit loses.

In other words, when we win on Saturday, it will knock 2 off the magic number to finish ahead of Detroit.

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Based on recent play, its safe to say Detroit will be challenging Vancouver, but it could be game 78 - 80 when every team below Vancouver can no longer reach the canucks.

I'm think it'll be more around game 70 when the bottom 3 can't reach us the way we're playing.

Edmonton's magic number is 31.5 (let's call it 32 for this argument). If Vancouver goes .500 and Edmonton goes .500 over the next 32 games, they won't be able to catch us. I don't see us doing that bad and them doing that good, so it should be less than 32 games from now for us to be out of reach.

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