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Didn't find any "official hockeyhights thread" in my search, so I thought I might give it a try, and see if it lasts. There's no denying, fans move it when there's a good brawl at a hockey game. Sometimes, a good fight can totally change a fan's feelings towards a boring game. Here's a starter with yesterday's fight between Backes/Stoner:

Enjoy =)

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1987 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships

A little background on this one. .............

The Punch-up in Piestany was an infamous bench-clearing brawl between Canada and the Soviet Union during the final game of the 1987 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships in Piestany, Czechoslovakia (today Piešťany, Slovakia) on January 4, 1987. The incident resulted in the ejection of both nations, and while the Soviets had already been eliminated from medal contention, the disqualification cost Canada a certain medal – potentially the gold. The brawl is famous for officials having turned off the arena lights in a desperate attempt at ending the 20 minute melee. Much of the blame was placed on Norwegian referee Hans Rønning, who was selected for the game based on his perceived neutrality rather than experience.


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