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Canuck Playoff Games in New York


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I'm in NYC and will be for the duration of the playoffs and absolutely CANNOT miss the Canuck games. Does anyone know how to go about finding specific games on the tube in NY. Center Ice ends for the playoffs and the NHL network only covers highlights to the best of my knowledge. Any ideas? Money is not an issue. I've never watched games streamed online and would prefer to avoid doing so (come on- going from HD to the net?...) Please- any other Canuck fans in NYC?

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When i was in NYC in November I caught the Toronto vs. Vancouver game at a Pub/Restaurant called Windfall (about 95% sure of the name)

It's near Bryant Park in Midtown. People were handing out cards on the street with a promotion called Hockey Night in New York. They played all the Saturday night CBC games. Might be doing the same for the playoffs?

By the way CDC there were 2/1 Canuck fans at the place. A Kesler jersey, Luongo Jersey and a Sedin jersey. I felt right at home.


Windfall restaurant

23 W 39th St

(between 5th Ave & Avenue Of The Americas)

New York, NY 10018

Neighborhood: Midtown West

Oh ya, if you're Canadian or enjoy Canadian beer you will be happy to know on those saturdays they sell Molson/Moosehead also Ceasers and Poutine.

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Windfall seems like the Hoser Hut in How I Met Your Mother! However, it looks like it only becomes "Canadian-ized" on Saturdays.

I'm bringing this thread back, as I'll be in NYC during the playoffs and will be looking for a pub showing the Canucks games. If anyone has any more suggestions, please post!

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