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Things to swear about...I swear I will not sweat err..swear


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I wanted to be surprised.

For sure I will say that I did not expect this kind of effort and that I do not expect anyone else did either I imagine. Yet, here I am. Talking about the same thing I have talked about in the past.

The Sedin's seem unable to carry the team in the playoffs. So far.

In the past I have defended the Sedins previously when they were ridiculed "the sisters". During regular seasons they have developed wonderfully. I mean, two Art Ross winners, that's pretty cool right?! That's pretty freaking downright amazing.

Even if you have Art Ross Trophy winners, if they cannot play their game in the playoffs then they are almost useless. Who most would consider our two top players, cannot seem to do what is needed to be done. The first few games saw them play their game, much like last year as they did so then. Yet, this year the opposing team has figured them out faster, and they have disappeared, yet again, in the playoffs.

As I suggested essentially, the Sedins are genuine stars regular season, however when it comes to the playoffs their history is there for everyone to find, including opposing coaches.

This brings me to my second point. Vigneault.

Vigneault will be crapped on and much like the Sedin's he hasn't been able to grasp the necessity that he, just like an NHL hockey player needs to step up his game in the playoffs. His first job is to out-coach the other coach and undertake secondary duties that help fulfill his first. For instance, helping make sure the Sedins find their game during the elevated play that the Playoffs is renowned to be and to do so with the rest of the team as well, is very important to his out coaching his opponent. Vigneault has failed in this.

On a side note, as minuscule as it is after this wipe out, Luongo should have been taken out after the third goal in the first. I have a feeling many will agree. Three in, you can still change the chemistry of the game rather quickly. With four in... there just seems to be some kind of barrier that many teams have difficulty overcoming. With four goals in the net it's not just one goal that has the ability to energize a team to a comeback that leads to a second which with the hope of tying the game can lead to more; it is two goals away for that feeling and when you're down the goals and are stunned and frustrated, that two goals that leads to the third, well that seems a whole lot farther away in possibility and gratification. This is not the first time Vigneault has done this. Let's face it if you're not going to pull a goalie after 3 then you should just leave him in to deal with the damage regardless of the fallout. He's a big man, literally and financially.

Don't think I misunderstand Luongo's need for support. The team in general is in disarray last game and this one. Sure enough, there is a person whose job it is to diffuse a team's implosion. Actually two persons. The Coach and the Captain. I have hope for Henrik, but the Coach does not seem ready to me. I haven't heard his after game comments and I'll see what he does tomorrow although excuse me if I am reluctant to believe in him at this moment.

I hope I'm wrong.

I hope I'm so wrong that people remember this post and flame me when we win the Cup.

On a side note that one of the Sedin's will read this, I offer up something else. (silly, I know) If you both can challenge and support each other to the extent you apparently do, you must have some ability to do the same to your team-mates because of that read of the ice.


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