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North American vs European emotional play?


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Watching the Sedins their whole NHL career, it seems to me that when they play a mentally even-keeled game (controlled emotion) they perform better. When they are hit and bothered they seem to get mad and loose focus. They uncharacteristically stare-down goalies more often in the playoffs and take dumb penalties. I dont' think/hope Bolland is a bother to them, but the stats have shown this otherwise. It seems this is something I see in many European players--the emotionless play (or at least they don't wear it on their sleeves).

Whereas, many North American players tend to play better and more focused when they are hit and aggravated, and they show it. I know I tend to play much better when i'm mad.

With the style of thinking play the Sedins employ, it makes sense they need to be emotionally in control in order to think and be situationally aware. Whereas less puck-control or playmaking players need to be pumped up with emotion to get focused in checking and scoring.

If this is true, AV should have the Sedins and others of a similar nature calm down while getting the others fired up. Of course you need some emotion to play the game at this level, but are they going over that optimal hump in the playoffs? Are better Sedins Sedated Sedins?

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