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What we know so far on MW3's new mode: Survival


- Survival is a wave-based gamemode, like Nazi Zombies or Horde mode

- Survival is playable with 1-2 players

- It features matchmaking, progressive ranking and team leaderboards

- Dollars are used as an in-game currency, with which the player can buy weapons, air support and more

- Survival is playable on all multiplayer maps, no boundaries. This includes future DLC

- The player can play online or offline, with a friend or with a stranger, solo or splitscreen.

- Each wave the enemies will get smarter, shoot more accurate and get better weapons, and it will become harder to survive

- Some weapons and killstreaks are purposely made overpowered (like the ACR 6.8), unlike in Multiplayer

- When the game starts, a camera will zoom in from the sky to first-person view, similar to how campaign missions start

- Between each wave the player has 25 seconds to take a breath

- A wave ends when the player kills all enemies

- The game ends when all players are dead

- The player gets 100 dollars for each kill, 20 dollars for an assist

- The player can pick up enemy weapons

- The player can be revived by a teammate when downed

- The player can give his teammate money when needed


- Soldiers

- Dogs

- Juggernauts.

There are different types of juggernauts, each with their own strengths and weaknesses

- Normal juggernauts

- Riot shield juggernauts

- Kamikaze soldiers. When the player kills a kamikaze soldier, he will blink red and then explode. When the player lets a kamikaze soldier too close, he will also explode.

There are different kind of kamikaze soldiers

- Exploding kamikaze soldiers

- Gas kamikaze soldiers. Instead of an explosion these soldiers will cause gas to spread over the area, much like Nova gas in Black Ops

- Kamikaze dogs. Same as the kamikaze soldiers

- Helicopters. Their armor is weak but their guns do much damage


You start with:

- A FN Five-seven (90 bullets, magazine count: 15)

- 2 Frag grenades

- 2 Flashbangs

- 100 Armor. When the player gets shot while carrying armor, blood won't show up on the screen. The armor value will drop however

- A syringe?

Wave 1

- 10 (Rather dumb) enemies with Model 1887 shotguns

Wave 5

- 2 Helicopters with mini-guns attached

- More enemies...

Wave 10

- 2 Juggernauts

- Riot shield wielding enemies

- A helicopter

- More enemies...


There are different stores in the form of laptops throughout the map. The player will be able to buy better gear as he gets to higher waves, and the prices will increase.

Gun store

HUD: gun icon

Unlocked: after match 1

- Guns. The ACR 6.8 is the best and most expensive gun

- Attachments for your gun

- Red dot sight

- Grenade Launcher

- More attachments...

- Ammunition

Equipment store

HUD: grenade icon

Unlocked: a few matches after unlocking the gun store

- Frag grenades

- Flashbangs

- Claymores

- C4

- Turrets. Each player can only place one turret at the time

- Sentry gun

- Automatic grenade launcher turret

- Last Stand. Allows the player to keep fighting when downed. When the player gets a kill, he will automatically be revived

Air-support store

HUD: harrier icon

Unlocked: a few matches after unlocking the equipment store

- Predator missile

- Airstrike

- Attack helicopter

- Delta squad. 4 AI soldiers deployed by a helicopter. Fairly intelligent and will follow the player. They last untill they die. The player earns points for kills they make

- Riot shield squad. AI soldiers with riot shields. They protect the player when trying to revive someone. They last untill they die. The player earns points for kills they make


In Survival, the player can earn money by completing challenges. Each wave the player has two challenges active, visible as two meters in the bottom left corner. When the player fills a meter, he earns 500 dollars. After that, he’ll earn 1000 dollars, 1500 dollars, etc.

There are different kind of challenges:

- Headshots challenge. Make multiple headshots.

- Kill Streak challenge. Make multiple kills without getting hit.

- Rampage challenge. Make multiple kills as quickly as possible. When you stop making kills, the meter will slowly drain

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Interview with Robert Bowling revealed:


What we know about Multiplayer (Confirmed):

  • Call of Duty Elite will be built into the core gameplay
  • Security is a top priority for IW
  • Post-launch updates are a priority for IW
  • MW3 will build up from CoD4 and polish every aspect from MW2 (gameplay-wise)
  • MW3 will focus on gun-on-gun fights, and less on air support
  • There is no Stopping Power, Danger Close, Juggernaut, One Man Army, Commando, Last Stand or Tactical Nuke
  • Quick Scoping will be in MW3
  • The MW3 unlock system will be "unique" and will not use currency
  • The killstreak system has been re-vamped
  • Confirmed maps: Dome
  • Weapon base damage will be increased to compensate the lack of Stopping Power perk
  • Theatre Mode making a comeback
  • XP, Match Bonuses and Challenges (etc) will be tweaked to enhance objective modes

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