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In this age of revenue sharing and revenue growing and the like. It strikes me as odd that there are few retailers in the UK and the rest of Europe that trade in NHL merchandise.

The NHL is perhaps being too respectful and sensitive to the fears of European leagues that money needs to be kept in the local markets. The fact is, I watch the Braehead Clan in the Elite League (UK) and my main support is for the Canucks of the NHL. There are several people who are Clan supporters first and foremost but who can be seen sporting a Red Wings or Rangers jersey at play-offs.

ESPN sell official NHL merchandise in the UK, but are unable to print names.

Small independent retailers often do printing of names and numbers but a poor standard.

Meanwhile, the European Jersey market is largely counterfeit. With European fans not seeing NHL products up close and personal often it is easier for us to be fooled by a fake than our sharper more experience Canadian friends.

I believe it is time for the NHL to have a serious base of operations in Europe. Most likely, in Eastern Europe -perhaps Poland - that could (due to EU free trade) save European fans money and make the game affordable.

I spent £190 on a Jersey with a Name and Number. Which, if the NHL had operations in Europe would have been a maximum £155. I would guess a significant number of people would pay £155 that wouldn't pay £190. Moreover, the shipping rates of £45 are undoubtedly greater than NA fans are asked to pay.

Therefore, out of a £190 investment by myself only about half of it has actually found its way into the NHL. The rest goes to shipping companies and the taxman.

Let me suggest then,

1. The NHL begins a contracted operation in Europe with a monopoly of its product.


2. The NHL looks at similar things elsewhere.

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