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Before we all attack Roberto....


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First, the reason Boston scored so many goals is because of a combination of poor defense and motivation after Rome demolished Horton. Second, Luongo is only to blame 2 of the 8 goals IMO (shouldn't have even been in there for the last 2). Third, if it wasn't for Luongo, game 1 would have been boston's and we can go even farther back and say that he kept us in Game 5 of the San Jose series. Before you haters come in and say Luongo cannot steal a game or play under pressure... remember that HE IS THE REASON WE ARE HERE. And if you think Luongo is bad, you clearly didn't notice the previous decade before we got him where we had the following goaltenders: Garth Snow, Felix Potvin, Dan Colutier and a few other washed up goalies that I forget about. Luongo saved this franchise from its goaltending disasters and as fans, I think we should all be a little more appreciative of Roberto's play in net because he is without a doubt, the greatest goaltender the Canucks have ever had.

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