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I am desparately hanging onto the belief that the team with the more skilled, better hockey players is going to win the Stanley Cup. It would be an absolute major disappointment if the Stanley Cup is handed out to the team that can out "thug" the other team, it should go to the team that has the best, most skilled hockey players not the dirtiest. Vancouvers' record in all areas this whole season should count for something and hopefully that will win out in the end. The two dirtiest teams in the NHL in my opinion are the Boston Bruins and the Philadelphia Flyers, and much as I hate to compliment the Chicago Blackhawks they were most definitely the more skilled better hockey team and we all know how that final ended so let's hope the same plays out this year. Unfortunately for the Canucks they haven't been coached to play as dirty as Boston so they would have a hard time matching a team made up of a majority of muscle headed goons. Our team consists of mostly skilled players and putting in one Tanner Glass to combat a whole team of slashers, elbowers, trippers etc is no match. Personally that is why when so many sports writers and radio commentators were all hoping for a Vancouver/Boston matchup I was hoping for a Vancouver/Tampa match because then we would have at least been able to watch some skill vs skill hockey, Sedins against Stamkos and St. Louis at least would have been a contest of who could out skate and out score each other not who could hit who into the boards.

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