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Hey all, new to the forum, but glad I've joined (finally). Interesting postings and perspectives...

I have been a 'nucks fan since they first joined the league,and have been waiting a long, long time for this. (The whole 40 years!)

The last 2 games, I saw the team get lazy, crappy, chippy hits, easy goals (where was the D?), blue line sloppy...and usually we're bang on, keeping it in and setting it up. WTF? I know it's only 2 games, but now it's crunch.....Did the team think they had it, and could relax? No way!! Bruins want it just as bad....(I won't comment on Boston, cuz they're relying on their goalie, and he's got a horseshoe up....

I don't care where we win, as long as we bring it home!

I luv Lou, but I thought Core did a great job keeping them out of the net...and he was in his "home" turf! Has AV made the right choice with Lou? Or do you think Schneider should be in?


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