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Bobby Luuu

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Dear Canucks fans

I know all (or most) of us right now are very very stressed, scared to death, and or freaking out. This was a very tough loss for us to swallow and i feel you're pain. But we have to have hope in our team and believe we can do this! Some are being very hard on Luongo and Not everything is his fault! Well guess what, Luongo robbed Patrick Sharp in overtime before Burrows scored that great goal. It was a criss cross pass and Luongo read it very well to come over and stop a good goal scorer.In the sharks game 5 game he made loads of saves before we got that lucky bounce to Bieksa. He's bailed us out a number of times and the team has helped him out too. The Sedins weren't producing much in the first 2 rounds, but the 3rd round; holy they were dynamite! This round it's been ok up until tonight in the 3rd period. I saw the magic we haven't seen in a while that ended up into a goal and almost another! These are only a few examples of things that some people i know were stressing, but i know we got that 1 win left in us i can feel it! People doubted us in game 7 and like th Chicago Blackhawks chances and we won that game in an exciting fast paced fashion. Well guess what? It's game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals and lots our doubting us and the team. I was always taught to never give up you're hopes and dreams, and i haven't and never will. I know we can do this 1 more victory is in us! BELIEVE IN BLUE AND GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!towel.giftowel.giftowel.gif2e6c8lc.png2e6c8lc.png2e6c8lc.pngtowel.gif2e6c8lc.png Here's a pump up vid to get you guys to believe!!2e6c8lc.png


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