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We can do it today!


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Here it is boys and girls, the big one, the day we ve all been waiting for, our team, sitting, teetering, on the verge of greatness!

They can do it today! I believe in this team!

.....so wherever you are today, and whatever you're doing, be it work, getting set up for tonight or what have you, remember, if you are wearing a jersey, cheer at everyone, if you see anyone with a jersey, or a shirt cheer, honk and wave, if you own nothing with Canucks branding, cheer anyway! Ignore the funny look you may get from one or two people, the majority that hear you, do care about this team. If you've never cheered like this before, now is the perfect day to start! We need to show the whole world what it's like to be a Canucks supporter and fan! Cheer your hearts out, all day, cheer till you have no voice! Cheer like there will never be a tomorrow! This is it! And we can do it! This is the big one!

Go Canucks Go!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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