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3 things looking ahead to next year...


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1. Alain Vignault really needs to learn how and when to use a time out. i say this because i have never seen such a good defensive corps look so nervous and unstable in their own zone, than i did all through these playoffs. and rather than call a time out and try and settle everyone down he just lets the opposition keep piling on.

2. We really need a milan lucic type player. now i know we wont get one as that type of player is as close to one of a kind as you can get, but we at least need a player that can fight, stick up for the sedins when they get punched in the face five times, cause clearly they dont believe in sticking up for themselves. but also someone that can be a half decent productive player at the same time.

3. We need to figure out this offseason what is going on with our goaltending. i know lu is our goalie and thats who is going to be our guy, but people get extra down on him cause schneids is so good. in my opinion it helped in the regular season as lu played less games and schneids played awesome, but in the playoffs it almost feels like lu has been looking over his shoulder.

its hard to be upbeat with the score the way it is right now, but all in all even if we dont come back it was a hell of a season and we made some major strides this year. i think the stanley cup finals have shown us where our major problems lie, and lets hope we can fix a few of them in the off season.

win or lose, FOREVER A CANUCK.

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