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How big a culture change the roster needs?


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Hmmmm now way the bruins or canucks dont spend at least 45 mins of a 60 min game in the sin bin during the regular season playing the way the games alowed to go in the final. Bottom line...you dont need skill, just the ablity to get into the playoffs then beat the snott out of the other team. fights sell more than skill in the US. "big bad bruins" "Broadway bullies" etc etc have been the most successful in the us. The duck won that way..enough scoring to win close games..good goalies..and then beat the crap outta the other team till your skill better than yours.

BECAUSE of that an NJ did well in the 90's playing that game too. Believe if we going to be the most hated team in the NHL by default..lets do it. It works..its worked since Bettman took over and the days of dynasty's ended. lets do it..we have had great skilled teams beat up in the playoff because less "skilled teams" can play the type of hockey the league "says " they trying to get rid of.

Change the culture here....trade away skilled players who cant make the top 2 lines..1 pure scoring..one pure checking and have the next 2 lines and 6 defence men Big..I mean all over 6 ft. 210 lbs. and have at least one fight a game..literly SCARE the s**t out of other teams...let them hate us..when that brand of hockey fills seats in the us trips..and we know it will be alowed in the playoffs...lets do it..change the culture of skill and speed to to big and nasty I say. or how would you change the culture here? or even go more skill less grit even?

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