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I love our Vancouver Canucks. I think they had a fantastic year and despite the end results, I hope they feel a lot of pride in what they accomplished. And i hope others feel the same way about them.

One thing I'd love to see for next year though, is more passion. I'm not saying that the players had none, but as a fan, I want to see it. I want to see them get angry...get determined...to see it in their eyes and see it in the way they speak and play. I want to see that urgency and love for the game.

Don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying passion = fights, shallow and sarcastic comments to the media etc. I just mean I want to see the energy come right out of them. For me, this is what lacks on this team. You see it every so often in Kesler and Burrows, but even they lost it at the end.

That is one thing that bugs me about Alain - In times like this, I wanted to see him visibly passionate about his team and about his approach - I even wanted to see him get angry at times. His calmness annoyed me after a while :P

Anyways - I hope next year we can see it more because as a fan, I think it would comfort me knowing and seeing they want it as much as we do (and i know they do, I just wanted to see it). I hope we gain players that do it too (look at chicago's passion from last year - you could see it in everything they did).

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