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Firstly, i would like to thank our team, the vancouver canucks, for a great season provided for us fans. In the end, we may not have won the cup but we did have one great journey reaching the finals even when we were missing many of our key players ! In my opinion this was no "make or break " season, we may have lost but that is just another reason for our team to play even better next year ! Overall, great season by the management, the players and most importantly THE FANS, no not the ones who went riotting :frantic: for no reason whats so ever, but the fans that supported the team from game 1 through 82 and the playoffs, definitely a year to remember in my opinion winning 4 out of the 5 possible banners. making it to the finals. Don't worry canucks fans, we will have the cup in our city next year ! Great season boys, hope to see the same or even better if possible ! :canucks::towel::lol:

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