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Sergei Shirokov signs with KHL's CSKA Moscow team


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Sergei Shirokov has signed a 3-year contract with the KHL's CSKA Moscow team. Just saw Nucks Misconduct tweet it. http://www.nucksmisc...ee-agency-day-1

EDIT: Russian article translated into English (sorta :blink:)...

Shirokov once again with us!

ХК TsSKA is glad to inform on signing the contract with forward Sergey Shirokov. On Friday attacking has put the signature under the three-year contract.

The future forward was born and has grown in the situated near Moscow city of Ozery. In six years parents have given it to hockey school of TsSKA.

In 2002 Shirokov has started to play for TsSKA-2, and in 2005 its debut took place in the main army command. Sergey it was on a regular basis invited in юниорские modular Russia various age. In 2004 it became the world champion among юниоров, and the next two years Shirokov won silver medals of world forums already from the youth modular country.

In structure of TsSKA the talented forward also one step at a time left on the leading part. Together with contempopary Denis Parshin they have made one of the most terrible связок the domestic championship.

After completion of a season 2008-2009 Shirokov makes a decision to try the forces in Northern America and signs the contract with "Vancouver". The most part of transatlantic career Sergey has lead in фарм-club " Кэнакс " « Manitoba Мус ». There it became one of leaders of a command.

October, first, 2009 Shirokov's debut took place in NHL. It has taken part in a duel against "Calgary". The first washer Sergey has thrown in a gate "Colorado". There was it on January, 18th, 2011.

We from the bottom of the heart welcome Shirokov's return in native club and we wish it successes in the form of red-dark blue!


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another squandered asset by the Canucks. Shirokov should have stuck with the big club a couple of times this season, especially when MayRay had an epic 2 month drought.... Isn't that why we have prospects?

I don't know enough about who's running the show to put the blame on AV or MG... but at some level, someone is making stupid decisions with this team. (Why the frack didn't Schneider play game 6 in Boston, why wasn't Ballard used at all during the season, so when we needed him he wasnt a part of the team)

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We're trying to model the Detroit system where you let a guy develop in the minors. The only part we miss is that you slowly work the guy in and give him a chance. Our GM seems to have forgotten that part. More young talent leaving our organization that was never given a chance. sigh.

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Unfortunately Sergei does not have what it takes to crack our roster and he is not going to sit in the minors for another season, and uproot to Chicago now. He will go back to Russia and make good money to play with his countrymen now that he has failed to make NHL. The Russian factor comes into play for sure, it's not our management squandering him away.

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Another reason why you dont see too many Russians get drafted anymore. The option of staying in the KHL for more money (tax free) is more attractive. Wish we wouldve dealt Shirokov for something at least... he never fully got a chance here.

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