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QUESTION: Which top line is best?

Sabres: Burrows - Giroux - Willaims

Oilers: Backes - B. Richards - Stewart

Red Wings: Parise - Duchene - Benn

Islanders: Franzen - Zetterberg - Sharp

Devils: Ryan - Kopitar - Perry

Bruins: Sedin - Sedin - Stafford

Rangers: Vanek - Thornton - Antropov

Penguins: Heatley - Staal/Stamkos - Penner

Sharks: Galiardi - Getzlaf/Toews - Bourque

Canucks: Nash - Crosby - Kane

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(REPORT): The Washington Capitals are still looking to add one more full time NHL defenseman to their roster. The Caps have added Mark Fayne this offseason who is expected to be a full time NHL player but General Manager da.moose wants rookies like Philip Larsen, Ryan Ellis, Tim Erixon, and Simon Despres to have to earn NHL spots as opposed to just have them handed to them. One roster spot at least will be held open for at least one of these players but da.moose would feel much more comfortable to have some insurance as opposed to be stuck in a position where one of these guys needs to be rushed into the league before he is ready.

That being said, if any team is looking to dump off a defenseman with a fairly big salary that expires within the next two seasons send me a message and we might be able to work something out.

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Well... I'm pretty frakin drunk atm... and even tho I only knew Sharpshooter a short time, I'll raise my glass once right now and say cheers, it was a pleasure (and secretly hope he'll be back somehow).

Also incredibly curious what he did to get a perma ban... just to make sure I don't personally do that myself in the future...

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Well thats rather crummy...

If this league wasn't run by a moderator, and thus bound by the code of moderation intregitry or some such sorts, I would say lets sneak Sharpshooter back in somehow... since that's obviously not an option (blast intregity to hades!) is there any way we can petition some sort of temperary repreave for Sharpie? as in, banned from all Nucks talk, except this particular thread? I dunno... maybe something like probation dependant on good behavoir?

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This is what's wrong with this god damned place. We let 1000 12 year old morans with half a brain combined propose Schneier and Ballard for Parise 18 times a day but we ban the members with intelligent contributions to the board. Heaven forbid we have too many of those kind of people around here. Much better having these ninnies poetic the same " fire Av" "trade Luongo" and "the Sedins are too soft" topics every single god dammed week.

There was a golden age around here around 05/06/07 that we will never see again and it's sad. I don't know how much longer I can watch this forum go in the crapper.


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