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CDCGML 2011-12 Season


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Isn't Saskatchewan supposed to be rebuilding? That would be a lot of picks to give up, four firsts ye?

Actually according to our CBA: $4,100,000 or higher - 1st, 2nd and 3rd round pick

So all three of his picks for this season. Considering that, the quality of the player and the fact that he's still $20 million under the cap floor ($10 million if he gets Doughty) I'd say it's a bold, but shrewd move. Can't say he's not doing everything he can to improve his club now, and I'm sure his fans would appreciate that.

$9.5 million per is a boatload for Doughty tho... :huh:

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For a first, second and a third thats not bad then. I think i'm going to stay away from the offersheet game this year, dealt my firsts away the past two seasons and they ended up being top ten picks. Anyway i'm confident that won't happen this season but I will need to stock the cupboards anyway.

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