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Who Is The Ultimate SuperHero?



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Well, the 'collective' has democratically spoken. 12 against, 7 for.....with the 63.16% majority speaking in favour of not allowing him to compete.

Silver Surfer has been deemed 'too powerful' and will be pulled from the competition as will his defeat of The Batman, which brings The Batman back into the mix...to be taken on by another SuperHero, or to take on another SuperHero.

Batman remains in play.


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THOR is hands down #1, and I'll point out that everytime Thor has fought the Silver Surfer he has won. They have fought 2 or 3 times with Thor winning each time. I'll also point out that Thors powers increase with age as he becomes King, etc and this makes sense as compared to some super hero's who become more powerful just based upon the whim of the person writing the story. Thor grows into his powers in a way that is understandable. BTW, I veto any attempt to remove or restrict any of THOR's powers.

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