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Who Is The Ultimate SuperHero?



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It's probably not objective of me to say who my favorite is.

This is more about everyone else's best guess at who's the 'ultimate'.

I'll try to stay impartial....even though my favourite hasn't been put forth yet..........or have they???:ph34r:

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he´s a multi-millionaire who prefers to save the world instead of hanging around a luxory boat or a lonesome island in the carribean.

he uses his money to discover new technics to fight against the "bad" guys

i like all this technicall stuff..well the 60´s tv batman was kinda funny..hahaha...bang,boom...holy flittermice :D

further he cant really fly...he has no superpower...he´s not unbrakeable...i like his darkside

a guy like him could really excist....probably the most realistic superhero of all superheroes

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No worries...Jean's right up there...so far no one's been able to say anything that challenges her Phoenix persona.

You're still sitting pretty GD.

Hey GC, Batman's all that you said and more......but he can't compete with the 'super-powered'.....unless you can demonstrate how he can against some of the truly 'super' already mentioned.

Until you can, he's done like dinner against them.

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