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The Amazing Spider-Man Thread


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movie was fantastic everyone was actually clapping at the end of it (only other movie i have been to that people have done that was the dark knight)

my nitpicking of this movie

no mary jane

lack of j.jonah jameson and the daily bugle

aunt may should have grey hair like uncle ben

the lizard looked too much like killer croc from the batman animated series for my liking should of been like the cartoon

im sure the first three of my issues could be resolved in the 2nd movie and the last is more just what i grew up with the cartoon other than that this movie really surprised me and could compete for top super hero flick with the avengers and the dark knight rises

also yes the 3d was not worth and they really shouldn't be able to charge for 3d when maybe 10 minutes of the movie if that was in 3d

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