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Fav VIdeogame music?


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Guest Voucer

Soul Calibur II has some of the best music heard in fighting games, period.

Super Mario 64 had a pretty awesome soundtrack -- even the file select song was nice.

Donkey Kong 64 had an excellent soundtrack as well.

Banjo Kazooie, Banjo Tooie, all Rare productions. Good stuff.

Croc had a nice soundtrack too.

And the Flutter jingle from Mega Man Legends. It ended up being the title screen theme in the second game.


The Flutter jingle was rearranged in the Mega Man Legends 2.


Another great little jingle from that game. It would play in the stores in the winter-themed city.


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Guest Voucer

Really like this one. The Yoshi's Island intro tune.

Rainbow Road from Mario Kart 64. Unbelievable.

Actually, one of the OCRemix contributors provided this arrangement of the theme.

The Sims had some nice pieces.

And of course Metal Gear Solid.



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