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Absolutely disgusted with the referee today. Likely cost us a place in Euro 2012. But what's new? We're Scottish. Nothing ever goes our way.

Cheating Czech B's.


Wow! I'd be upset as well. Talk about being robbed of 3 points. If the ref was gonna award that questionable penalty to the Czechs, how couldn't he have awarded another penalty on an even worse challenge? Horrible indeed.

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Just seen Smicer on the tv being interviewed after yesterdays farce, he said the cheat that dived "did well to win the penalty" why is there not the 2 officials behind the goals in Euro qualifiers when there is in the Champions league? Both competitions fall under UEFA's banner. Surely an official on that side of Mcgregors goal would have seen the dive.

They are calling to have the ref demoted, he should be sacked!!!! Anyway, when did Ronald Koeman start reffing?

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As much as I like Lennon, he's got to go now. While he still has the respect of the fans. This team should not be 10pts behind Rangers at this stage of the season.

he had no right to that job in the first place and he has made Celtic, as much as I cant stand them, a massive club with great tradition, a complete laughing stock. He is an embaressment to not only Celtic but Scottish football as a whole. The quicker he f**ks off the better and take Scott Brown with him

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