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The Official NHL Prediction Game 12/13

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Scoreboard October

Everyone is free to Play this Game!!  Good Luck  smile.gif


Winner October- 1.Gold 2.Silver 3.Bronze

Winner November-1.Gold 2.Silver 3.Bronze

Winner December-1.Gold 2.Silver 3.Bronze

Winner January- 1.Gold 2.Silver 3.Bronze

Winner February-1.Gold 2.Silver3.Bronze

Winner March/April_1.Gold 2.Silver 3.Bronze

Winner Playoffs-1.Gold 2.Silver 3.Bronze

Scoreboard Reserve



02.Vintage Canuck________0_____0_____0_______0_______0__________0________0

03.Tony Romo____________0_____0_____0_______0_______0__________0________0








00.Balls of Steel___________0_____0_____0_______0_______0__________0________0


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Rules 2012/13

Pretty easy in General:

Every Gameday you have to pick your Teams and if they win you get 2 Points, OT/SO lose brings 1 Point and a loss brings -1 Point. If you predict the correct Score you get 1 Bonus Point!


You pick:

Canucks vs. Flames 3-2

Redwings vs. Bluejackets 4-2

Penguins vs. Capitals 1-2

and the Results are:

Canucks vs. Flames 3-2 (+3 Points)

Redwings vs. Bluejackets 2-3 (-1 Point)

Penguins vs. Capitals 3-2 OTL (+1 Point)

You get 3 Points in Total...3 -1 +1 = 3

For all new Players ...here you ll find the last Seasons Thread to study the Game a little bit... :



Win- 2 Points

OT/SO Lose- 1 Point

Lose- -1 Point

Correct Score- 1 Bonus Point

You have to pick every Game before it Starts..if you pick a Game which is in progress...it will not count...EVEN THOUGH ITS STILL 0:0 UNTILL 10:00 IN THE FIRST PERIOD!!!

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I believe it shouldn't as some people who join may not know the prospects of other teams as well as they know their stars. I myself (regrettably) know every member of the Chicago and Boston rosters, but I know very little about their prospects/rookies.

Pre-season should be kept separate for this reason, and for the fact some players may not join until after pre-season games.

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Yay! This time I can actually start from the very beginning of the season! tongue.gif

Sept. 19

NSH @ FLA - 2-3

CAR @ BUF - 3-4

OTT @ TOR - 3-2

NSH @ FLA - 2-1

WPG @ CBJ ---- (20th, not 19th)

EDIT: NHL.com schedule fail? Jets game is on the 20th. I mistook (Baltimore, MD) as a date separator. Turns out it's not separated by date.

Also, there are a lot of split squad games missing from NHL.com, including the Jets/CBJ and the Nucks/Flames split squad games on the 20th and I don't want to waste my time checking each and every game to see it there's a split squad... mellow.gif

Is there a more accurate/clearer website where I can get all the schedules?

EDIT2: Found it (Split squad games) . Turns out I wasn't looking hard enough. I still don't like how it's kinda confusing though.

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