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NHL12 PS3 Club


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Club Member Statistics:

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Team Roster


Kanucks25 (C/RD) - Kanucks25

srsface (LW) - booyah4-

Duodenum (LW) - KeslersSkills

Cunuck (RW) - MehtabG

xChris76 (RW/LW/C) - xChris76

Wolf259 (LW) - Wolf259


Krazz (LD) - Krazzx

WiLBoY (RD/RW) - QQ_Plz

Integra250 (LR/RD) - Integra250

ThaManbeast (RD) - ThaManbeast


Frankchise_605 (G/RW/C/RD) - frankchise

Awaiting Members

Tokun- (RD/LD) - Sedated - Disappeared

After much debate over the past few weeks, the core group of the team finally decided to purchase NHL12. The group of members also suggested that they wanted a new club name so a team vote ended up favoring Integra250's club name "Come at Us". The club will officially be made on October 1st, 2012 while we use the current club "Capital Connection" as a place for us to obtain our cards.

We are also pleased at the amount of teams being made on CDC and would love to have games against CDC, CDA, and NHL 12 year Olds. If we do play you, I will try my best to record most of the highlights so that other teams will be able to watch and see what happens. I have done a test with one of our matches against CDC recently, to view

Click Here.

As for tryouts, we're not really looking for any members right now. However, if you're decent on defense and have good hockey sense then feel free to contact me through PM.

We wish all the other teams the best of luck, and we will see you on the ice ~

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lol sup Ox. I doubt the blog is going anywhere, it's just for club purposes :blink:

Btw, we still haven't even played with each other yet on the same team :(

Yea, 09 was a disaster. I think over the years, teams filtered out the bad attitude players. I think we removed all the players that point fingers on each other after every loss cause there's really no room for that. I think if you got a team who's players think they can all do a better job helping out each other after a loss, you got a successful team. Sedated used to be like that and we removed him, but he changed his attitude now and is trying to play more as a team so we added him back. The group we have is pretty tight, we've known each other for 2-3 years now. I'm sure CDC's team is the same too as they've been playing together since 09 and they removed some members as well over the years.

I was hoping Voucher (E-Danevic), Duodenum, and Trav_have plus some others would go together to build CDA because they're good players and you need a good core to get started. However, I think something went wrong and they folded? I was hoping for more CDC teams because it's a lot of fun playing against each other. That's why I'm hoping that NHL 12 Year Old team keeps going at it ~

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I played with E-Dan! Lots of guys I used to play with still play.

I am trading a bunch of games this weekend towards NHL 12, I might have to link up again and try online.

Is it the same system as 09 as far as 'unlocking' cards to get your veteran status and therefore adding points to your attributes?

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That's a pity, he was a good player. He'll probably be back in the future though. I notice he's always back on different username/psn after a while.

Yup, same system. However, there's more cards to obtain now. For example, from veteran to superstar, there's veteran 1, veteran 2, veteran 3, and then superstar 1. It's so that you don't have to wait till the next card to obtain a massive amount of points and you can slowly upgrade your player.

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