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Canucks Goalie Masks(Which ones are your faves?)

Sugar baby watermelon

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what are your favorites?? here are some of mine

Gary Bromley, imagine facing off against this guy back in the day, how sweet would that be?? or not


Then of course Curt Ridley, whom Cory Schneider is paying homage to!!


also up is John Garretts mask


Corey Schneiders homage mask last year was pretty sick!!


Heres Kirk Mcleans


Sanfords was popular too


And Lou's is pretty sick


or this???


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I will be honest I have never been a huge fan of lu's they aren't ugly but I always liked the risky looks with the random arts on them. I like it when a goalie's personality spills onto the mask. I don't have a specific favorite though.

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Luongo's current mask (his Canucks 40th anniversary mask) wins for its simplicity. So clean, simple and straight to the point. Lu looks real good in it.

Alex Auld's mask is pretty awesome too.

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