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Occupy Wall Street


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My highest respect to this woman.

Edit: Didn't know she had German roots. Very moving how she compares the FCC to the "Völkischer Beobachter" - a Nazi-propaganda machine.

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Here are my thoughts on the occupy movement.

First off, I am very happy with the recent surge in non-violent activism in America and Canada. Ghandi, MLK, and Thomas Jefferson would be proud. Remember that dissent is the highest form of patriotism.

I can fully understand why people are angry. Banks get bailed out for their irresponsible and possibly illegal practices that dragged the economy into this craphole and the taxpayers (mostly the middle class) has to bail them out. What does the taxpayer get in return? Austerity! CEOs of these failed banks get huge salaries and huge bonuses that they would have never received if not bailed out because their corporations would be in the dirt. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with a responsible CEO getting paid ten figure salaries when their company is very successful but these bailed out banks are anything but successful.

The protests are not anti-capitalism. There are obviously going to be people who will try to co-opt the movement such as anarchists and communists. What you see in America today hardly counts as capitalism. Its more like corporatism where the government and the Federal Reserve all cater the demands of the big corporations. Both parties receive huge donations from corporations and they get bailouts and other special favours. The target is Wall Street because it represents how corrupted capitalism has become. A stock market is supposed to be used to mobilize capital but its more like a casino. However, this casino is different in that certain gamblers who have a lot of influence on government get bailed out by the house.

I really think that the movement should make a few simple and reasonable demands. Here is what would be my demands if I had it my way:

1.) Reign in the Federal Reserve. Printing money to give to banks? They might be independent of the government but they not independent of the large corporations.

2.) Bring back the gold standard. Damn you Nixon! Fiat currency has become a joke.

3.) Restrict political donations only to private donors and set a cap of around $1000 or so per year. This would remove a lot of the clout of corporations and unions on government.

4.) Set a moratorium on corporate bailouts.

Also I don't think that the protestors are being the most effective in their form of protest. What I mean is that is that they should focus on rallies instead of occupying parks. This way more people such as students after class or people after work can join in the protest instead of just the super dedicated. If did that, I think it would mirror the Vietnam War protests where hundreds of colleges across the USA saw demonstrations.

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^ That's just disgusting..

Funny thing is though, that Ranger could have disarmed and shoved that nightstick up that cop's ass, 5 different ways, but didn't lay a hand on him even after receiving multiple strikes. Amazing self-control.

'Rangers Lead The Way'....indeed.

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Occupy Frankfurt:

Occupy Frankfurt: Germans Stake Out At European Central Bank

The young Germans camped outside the European Central Bank in Frankfurt have been there for over a month now. Dozens of tents on a grass field next to a large statue of the Euro sign have become a symbol of the European 'Occupy' movement. Despite freezing temperatures, it appears they are there to stay.

Konrad Zaniewski is 21-years-old, and he has been at Occupy Frankfurt since October 15.

"I want to stay here either until I notice that we're not getting anywhere or until I realize that the message got across to people," he said, according to a Reuters translation. Delivering that message, he says, would mean success: "Personally, I would define success not necessarily by taking down banks, but by bringing the fire back into the people so they don't just take everything anymore."

The Occupy Frankfurt movement is one of the most successful Occupy movements in Europe, having drawn impressive numbers of people together over a range of protests this month. On October 30, 2011, thousands marched in the German city to protest social inequality and banking greed, Euronews reports. Last weekend, on November 12, many took part in a demonstration in Frankfurt's financial district. "Bring banks back in line," signs read.

Protestors hold a banner reading 'Bring banks back in line' as they take part in a demonstration at the financial district in Frankfurt am Main, western Germany, on November 12, 2011. After the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York, protests have spread across the World as activists seek to highlight what they say is gross inequality and unfairness in the economy

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Carlin 3:16 says, "you have to be asleep to believe it"

(Note - Like any bits of unvarnished truth or other neat-o, peachy-keen good times, there's a bit of profanity....well, there's some in these video clip as well. Please don't watch it if it'll ruffle your gentile or genteel sensibilities.)

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