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NHL 12 EASHL Team- VD Vikings


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OK... You probably already know this is a topic about me looking for other players to join my club. Well...you're right!

I play C and my buddy plays RW. IMHO we happen to be two very good forwards that play the game the way its supposed to be played. We are all about passing and cycling and we play very well defensively.

We are looking for players who play anything but C and RW.

You must play a strong two-way game and you cannot be a chronic goal glitcher.

If you are new to the game and are not sure in your ability to play it, then don`t waste your time. But, if you think you might be a good fit for the VD Vikings then by all means put down your gamertag.

You must of course try-out for the club before you can make it.

My Gamertag: B08AGAN0OSH

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