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For those of you not in the know. This isnt my video, but my friend Adam MacKay Smith. Not only the maker, but also the star.

Im just here to 'pump his tires', and make sure the real Canucks fans get a chance to see his awesomeness!

(and hopefully he takes me to a game with him if he ever gets free tickets ;)

Enjoy the video. Im guessing it will be posted on Canucks.com in a high res version really soon.

Go Adam! Go Canucks! Go Redemption!

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I wouldnt call him a professional per se, but he has been making independent films, shorts etc for some time. He has a great camera, knows how to edit, and he knows how to use premiere pro for filters and the like. Most of all, its his passion, and it shows. He also has was talented friends who are always happy to help.

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