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Making the Stanley Cup Finals last year doesn't guarantee the Canucks will even make the playoffs this year and if you don't think so just think back to the Blackhawks of last year who very nearly missed one year after winning the Stanley Cup. The Western Conference is very competitive and it took 97 points last year just to make the playoffs, Dallas missed with 95 points and it looks like the West will be just as competitive this year. The line between going from very good to just pretty good is very thin. Like losing Ehrhoff and replacing him with no one thin. Like not playing anyone in the preseason and coming into the season sluggish thin. Like still being fatigued from the long Stanley Cup run of last year thin. Like the Sedins level of play dropping slightly because they have peaked as players thin. Like having very little young talent in the minors thin.

Last year the Canucks were a team largely driven by playing in a very weak division and having great special teams. The Power Play last year was lights out and really carried them, the loss of Ehrhoff is really hurting them here. Gillis erred not by letting Ehrhoff go, because he simply was overpaid by Buffalo, no Gillis erred in thinking the Canucks could replace Ehrhoff from players already with the team. The problem is no one other than Salo, who we all know is going to get hurt at some point, is at all capable of replacing Ehrhoff on the Power Play. Will the Canucks trade for a defenseman who can play the Power play? Honestly they aren't easy to find.(Although I think they should give the Flames a call about Anton Babchuk who is in Sutters doghouse).

The window on the Canucks is closing fast. The Sedins may very well be on the decline now and the young talent in this organization is very poor. The decline of this team may come way faster than most could fathom. At the end of last year Gillis seemed to suggest that the Status Quo was good enough and I knew at the time that was a very bad line to take. A team can never be content, they always have to strive to improve even if they win the Cup. Gillis has always been overrated as a GM and the fact he won executive of the year last season was a joke. Let's face it the players that drove the Canucks last year were almost all leftovers from the previous regimes. I have little faith Gillis can turn this around but honestly given the mess the Canucks are in looking at the longterm picture I don't know if anyone could turn it around. Who are the elite players that are going to replace the Sedins? There are no young players in the Canucks organization at all who have any chance of becoming elite NHL stars. Three years from now I have no doubt the Oilers will be way better than the Canucks.

I know I am going to get flamed. I know people are going to say I'm nuts but I honestly think the Canucks as a organization are closer right now to being a team that routinely misses the playoffs than they are as threats to win the Stanley Cup again. They will be pretty good for the next 2-3 years but after that it looks pretty ugly.

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I think that the original post might be a little extreme but there are some serious issues around this club right now that can't just be attributed to a slow start.

The pressure on Luongo is beyond intense. Every goal brings scrutiny and debate. It's a constant topic on the hockey shows both radio and television and not just locally. What is the end game here? It could get very ugly. Washington coming to town maybe a good thing. If Luongo can stop them it will put the negativity to bed for a little while and if he gets crushed, well they have been crushing everybody so no big surprise.

The power play needs work but I'm sure they will figure that out to an extent. The loss of Ehrhoff is huge and there isn't much that can be done about it. D that can anchor the pp don't grow on trees! Other guys need to step it up but the reality is they likely won't be quite as deadly this year as last. They need to figure out other ways to score.

I don't think that the defence could possibly stay as poor as they have been in their own end. Hamhuis and Bieksa can't really have become that bad over night. I'm pretty sure this is something that will get figured out in not too long a time.

My biggest worry with the Canucks this year isn't all of the panic about Luongo and Bieksa and the rest. It's that the division is getting more competitive. The Oilers and Avalanche are getting better quickly whether we like it or not and the Wild may be better this year as well. I think that there will be fewer points to gain for the Canucks against these teams this season.

The original post has validity but the reality is the Canucks will more than likely win the division but maybe not the conference. I think when people look back they will realize that this is the scenario that most of us thought would play out this year anyway.

Last year was a dream regular season and one win from a dream post-season. This year the goal just needs to be to get to the post-season healthy and ready to go!

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If this early into the season we can start talking about something as stupid as missing the playoffs then it is equally relevant to say that we're not looking bad because we're only 5 points out of first in the west and 7 points out of first in the league.

I'm a realist, what can i say?

Before last year I actually predicted the Canucks would make the Cup though so it's not like I'm consistently negative. Just a realist.

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