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I got off work at 4 yesterday, and took a Mr. Big cutout with Ovie on it.

So, last night at the game, I went down to the Capital's side for warmup.

Ovie glanced at the sign and shook his head, then tried to flip me up a puck when he was tipping. It bounced off the netting back to the ice. :(

Anyways, I walked back up to my seats, and a couple from DC saw my Mr. Big cutout and offered to buy it off of me!

Recycling from work made me $20, and they said they'd put it up on their wall at home!

Thought it was pretty funny.

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in the minny game last sat. i was sittin there with some fans during warmu by the glass and weise skated by and looked into the crowd with a little smirk slash goofy smile. retty funny, had a laugh with some of the others down there by the glass

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