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How can I appeal to Asian girls?


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So I've had a profile on PlentyofFish for a few months now and I have gotten a few dates out of it, nothing serious, etc.

But despite there being a decent amount of people viewing my profile, sending messages, they are almost all white girls.

What do I need to do to make myself more appealing to Asian girls?

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I was watching a youtube video and there was an ad at the bottom for a mail-order chinese wife deal. It was a site called chinabride.com

There were some good testemonials

Many thanks for your intro, it has been a great success, I have met Lucy in Shanghai, we have been talking since July by email and telephone and had struck up a very close and loving relationship as far as we could with 5710 miles between us. So we took the plunge and I flew over for us to meet on the 10th of this month and wow it could not have worked better if it had been scripted.
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You nkow, funny thing about these mail-order online find a bride deals. We have a crazy old fella who is friends with my boss who claims to be some Prince of Indonesia or some place and he's spent the entire year on some site to find a bride online-- every day. He's spent so much money on these long distant calls to Indonesia and the Philippines it's crazy. The best part is he keeps telling me, "You know, I don't like this girl. She seems too wild for me. Maybe you can take her, my brother"

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