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So, I may be moving, bros


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I was around 9 when that song came out, of course I heard it. Many, many times. Just irritates me when anyone think that's a quote with actual meaning or truth to it. Not saying colon dee did obviously, I'm just really tired of hearing it used. Because it's always used unironically.

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Don't go!

Seriously; it is worse than you've been told.

If you have to go, get your employer to buy you a monster 4x4 truck and move your stuff in that.

But really; don't go.

It's flat.





Winter is just getting started.

Why do you have to go?

Probably cuz someone else just can't take it anymore.

Hope there's some way you can get out of it.

Oh yeah, it's full of obnoxious Edmonton fans; Calgary fans too.

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