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Penguins in the post season


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I know it's a long way away but with Crosby's return, and Penguins being an early favorite to win it all, I was thinking of how I think they would fare in the post-season. Some people think that a healthy Crosby/Malkin= Stanley cup.

The team obviously has some gifted players, but here are some reasons I don't think they'll make it to the finals:

-The team is really deep in the center position, but they don't have the overall depth in offense as the Bruins, Flyers. We saw how important that can be last year.

-When they won the cup, they had guys that I knew were pretty good shut down D-men (Gill), but I don't how good they will be at shutting down opponents (being deep at center helps with this though). I obviously don't have the knowledge of their D other than Letang.

- Related to the last part, Halak was great against them, but I recall Montreal (mainly Cammalleri) being able to score easily against that team. Fleury can't do it all on his own.

My early prediction: Boston, Philly, or (this is the bold prediction) Rangers takes them out in the second round.

What do you guys think?

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They have as solid offensive depth as any of those teams. Crosby, Malkin, Staal, Kunitz, Neal, Kennedy, Sullivan and Cooke is as solid of a top nine as you're going to see. They easily match Boston simply based on the fact that they have two potential 100 pt scorers (Crosby, Malkin) and a potential 40 goal scorer (Neal).

They have phenomenal defensive depth as well. Martin, Michalek and Orpik can all play better defense then Gill.

Pittsburgh hasn't been healthy for the past couple of years so this is the first year since the cup run that we will have a good look at the team with the additions of Martin, Michalek and Neal. Right now, them and Boston are the two favourites in the East.

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I hope that the Penguins takes out the Bruins in the playoffs (1st, 2nd or 3rd round.. I don't care.. I want them gone). If that happens, that will be the highlight of the season for me (unless Canucks win the cup--- if that happens, Bruins getting wiped out will be the second best that happened this season) ;)

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Their defense is weak as hell.

Letang, Michalek, Martin, Orpik, Niskanen.. They all suck at playing defense..

EDIT: They're all good on offense though. Well, except Orpik.. Orpik sucks at everything.

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