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2012 WJHC in Calgary/Edmonton and Team Canadan Discussion

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How can you not feel badly for the goalie from Finland? Poor guy has 18,000 people cheering for the other team (probably for the first time in his life) and he has to play a team like Canada. Can't be easy for a teenager.

Also, I get that aside from the Stanley Cup Finals there probably isn't a more emotional tournament than the world juniors (especially for Canadians) but when your team is up 8-1 and you've just scored your 4th goal of the game it wouldn't kill that guy to act like he's scored before. The celebrations aren't needed in an 8-1 game that's the first of the tournament. Jump around like a goof when you win the gold, or at least beat a team that can compete.

EDIT: I just realized it was Strome who got the 8th goal and not Stone, but I stand by this minus the 4th of the game thing.

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LOL'd at Chelsea Dagger. That dragon's been slain so I have no qualms about it.

Huberdeau showing why he is the highest draft pick on Team Canada.

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Yup Chelsea Dagger 8 times has ensured the song is gonna run through my head all day :rolleyes:

Great game - i love the speed and pace at which WJHC games are played. The enthusiasm of the players is infection and Canada's rich history of winning makes this such a great tournament to follow.

Great goals by Canada today - wow those were beauties!

Defensively good too - a bit scrambled at times and they gave up the seam a bit on the PK but good 2nd efforts by all players

Visentin settled in nicely and made some good saves but he's still wayyyy too active in the net. Too much movement and too much overplaying to one side. I hope the players can continue to score a lot of goals because I don't think our gameplan should be to expect Visentin to shut down the opponent entirely.

Concerning if Smith-Pelley is out for the tourney. Hope he's ok but he left on crutches and judging by the lack of contact when he got injured, it could be a tear - which doesn't need aggravation or contact in order to occur.

Love the annual holiday tradition of watching the tourney! Keep at it Canada!

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