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2012 WJHC in Calgary/Edmonton and Team Canadan Discussion

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Part anti-US, part pro-Finland. Mostly underdog thing. Kinda like tennis. People love the top guys, but will go mad if someone is about to beat them for an upset.

US collapse after the super weak poke goal. That was like, one of the softest goals I've ever seen. Even worse than a lot of Luongo's 'soft' goals.. he just got it poked between his legs.

And hell, this 4-1 goal, another failed poke, legs wide open. Poor US goalie.

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Omg I just went from USA/Finland to Canada/Czech Republic to Canucks/Sharks

Now gonna watch the latest episode of 24/7

That's a lotta hockey for one day lol...not that I'm complaining.

Good news is both Canada and Canucks play tomorrow. My derriere is gonna be imprinted into the leather on my couch by the end of this!

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