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Trevor Linden on the Twins


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He speaks for me. Even before we were winning with them I found watching the Sedin's play made the games worth while. It took a little longer for us to begin winning but I was always sure we would with them.

I confess though, I started cheering for the Canucks about '76 when I first moved west and I've always thought we should have been winning.

There's no fool like a fan. towel.gif

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The Sedins are on a trajectory that may one day find them in the Hockey Hall of Fame if they continue to dominate the scoring race for a few more years to come (which I see no reason why they wouldn't). Canuck fans as a whole have no idea how good we have it right now with the twins, because we're grown accustomed to watching their brilliance everyday.

PS-Dave Bolland is a dufus

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