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The funny faces of Roberto Luongo


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Oh noesss another Luongo thread!? Yes and trust me this one is worth it :)

Here's a great blog from the folks at PITB about Luongo and his well documented odd expressions and reactions:

10) In which Roberto Luongo finds all this Stanley Cup Final attention uncomfortable, and quietly retreats to his happy place, which, judging from his brief facial expression, is an Adam Sandler movie.


9) In which, in the midst of answering a question, Roberto Luongo has a sudden business idea, an idea so savvy idea it calls for a quick beard-stroke.


8) In which Roberto Luongo is really, really, really, really interested in the question.


7) In which teammates double dog dare Roberto Luongo to answer every question in a pregame interview with the word “brap”.


6) In which Roberto Luongo works really hard not to let on that he finds the interviewer’s question incredibly stupid, and fails.


5) In which — okay, I don’t even know.


4) In which Roberto Luongo is super freaking creepy.


3) In which Luongo’s secret twin brother Luigi pretends to be Roberto after practice, and begins to worry that the media suspect he’s not who he says he is.


2) In which Roberto Luongo is just a beautiful man. Oh, what’s that? A lock of my long, raven hair has fallen precociously out of place and I look like a model? Let me get that.


1) In which Roberto Luongo is impressed with your knowledge of the subject at hand… and then decides he will be eating your brain.



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