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The Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.


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There was some potential there for a little while last year when Punk was hot leading up to MITB and the return of The Rock. But the ball has been dropped with both those story lines and there is nothing else on either show to make up for it.

If you are going to use HHH in a feud of any kind what is the point of having it be with Kevin Nash? He sucks.

Nash has always been a cancer whereever he's been. WWF, WCW, TNA, etc. This guy is boring and sucks on the mic. He should have never been a world champion in any organization and the fact that he was the guy to end Goldberg's streak shows how screwed up this business is.

I think the business is dying, no doubt about it. I'd say the turning point was 2004/2005 which in my eyes was the last time they really stopped getting any new talent over in the main event slots. CM Punk being the exception.

Since then they constantly drop the ball and start and stop when it comes to pushing new talent.

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From tonights smackdown. I suggest watching it first before reading what I posted for what I said to make some sense.

I dunno why.. but from the way smackdown ended today(its uploaded to torrent sites before shown in NA) my gut is telling me maybe the big show is going to call it quits? Another movie? I dunno.. Loved how the fans were yelling "shes ok"

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